Monday, July 02, 2007

Photos from Karen Russell WS

Sunday was an amazing day! I went to the workshop held by Karen Russell and Heike and I have to tell you, It was worth every single penny!! It was just awesome. I learned a lot and I am now in love with interactive LO's . It was also such a pleasure to meet all the girls who I "talk" to almost every day on the net.

Here's a few photos from Sunday. I'll post my LO's later.


christiane said...

yes, it was amazing and every single penny worth!! you're so right!! i want moooore!!

Nat said...

Hach ja- es war echt so schön!!!! Hat unglaublich Spaß gemacht! Drück Dich und viel Spaß ab So!

Mirija said...

Jaaaaa es war so super! Schön dich wieder gesehen zu haben! Magst du mir das Foto von uns und Karen und das von mir und Karen schicken? Kram