Sunday, September 02, 2007

Closet is done and a new headboard

I showed you a sneak peak earlier of my closet. It is now done and this is how it looks like.

We wanted to move our bed back to where it belongs (against the wall) but we didn't want to do it before we got a headboard. We only have a bed frame without headboard. The problem is that we can't buy a new bed here as out mattresses don't fit in the beds that are sold here :(. Our mattresses are from Sweden and they are great so there's no need to buy new ones. Anyway anyone knows how ugly your wallpaper can get if you don't have a headboard ;). We wanted to do something original that maybe not everybody have. I had an idea and quite frankly I like the result. We went to IKEA and bought flooring and put it on the wall. Now I just have to pimp my bedside tables as they don't look good with the wall. As it is flooring it's not that nice around the edges so we had to frame them with something. For that I used black velveteen scotch tape roll.


Nat said...

hey- this looks awesome -love it!!!

christiane said...

yessss!! what a great closet!! love the red and the black flower!!

Sarale said...

Wow, ist wirklich knallrot und heiss geworden!
Passt perfekt zum Schuhschrank :)