Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sneak peak, photoshop and going back to university

There is a new challenge on scrapmuse and I have chosen to alter something again :). I have this wall clock from IKEA which is broken on one side after I dropped it on the floor. I though why not pimp it up so that I can hang it back on the wall. Here is just a small sneak peak of the clock. Gonna post it again after the challenge is over.

Yesterday I got a link from a friend to a great
photoshop page "Moderskeppet". It's all in Swedish though. It has many video links where you can watch and learn how to use photoshop. He is also teaching an online course at the Jönköping university in Sweden. The next course starts in January and the application period has ended but you can still apply and get in if it isn't full already. I've always wanted to learn digital photo editing so keep your fingers crossed for me so that I get in either January or August. The best part is that university in Sweden doesn't cost much. You pay either 18 or 30 euro per term depending on how many weeks you will study.

I was playing around today with one of the 5
senses photo that I posted last time. I followed one of the video tutorials on "Moderskeppet". It was about making an evil face.

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christiane said...

wow!! love this photo-action!! great!!