Thursday, December 27, 2007

Photos from christmas and my Birthday

I am very sad to say I didn't have a great christmas nor a great 30th birthday. I have had the flue now for over a week and was way too tired to celebrate anything. I guess I have to make up to it later when I am feeling better. I didn't even take that many photos this year but here's a few.

I took some photos of the gingerbreads that Tommie, my sister and my mother baked.



My mother had made me this painting for my birthday. I think she made a wonderful job and I am very proud of her! I'm going to find a special place for this painting.

mammas tavla


christiane said...

ohhh girl, i'm so sorry for you!! belated congrats and a hug!!

Nat said...

heyyy- sorry for the flu - but happy birthday- huge hug from me also!!!! When is your birthday exactly???

Vicki C said...

LOVE that painting!!!