Friday, January 25, 2008

New York or San francisco? and a bookmark

Soo I am hoping there are some blog readers of mine who can help me out :).

Tomorrow we are going to the travel agency to start planning our trip to USA. One part is already planned and that is 3-4 days in Colorado Springs and now we are trying to decide if we go NY or San Francisco. I would love to go NY but the hotel prices are way much higher than in SF so I was hoping maybe somebody can give me some names of nice hotels/motels/b&bs in NY where you have stayed yourself and you found good. They can be at about max 80-90$ per per son per night.
I did this bookmark for a creativity swap that we had in my yahoogroup that I co run with a friend. We do swaps every month, mostly stationary related but I through in a creativity swap from time to time. If you are interested in swapping stationary, stickers and notepads then check out the group and upon joining just let us know you saw this on my blog.


Nat said...

You gotta go to SanFran!!!!! That is my absolute favorite! Whether you decide- if you made your decision let me know for tipps ,-)

Eeva said...

That's interesting!! Many keeps telling me it's better to go to San Fran than NY!!

Anonymous said...

I work in NYC and have been to San Fran... and there are nothing alike!!!
Hotel nights NYC are very expensive, I do not know of any good options.
In San Fran, we stayed in a very nice B&B in the Mission District.
Good luck with your travel plan.
Let me know if you have more questions about NYC.

Conibaer said...

NY ist sicher cool, aber San Francisco wäre auhc mien favorit! :o) Was auch immer Ihr macht: viel Spaß dabei! :o)

socialbutterfly said...

ask liz!! she's NY fan!! and your bookmark??? tooo cute!!
have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

although I like SF just fine (my brother lives there...) I would definitely pick NYC--don't pick a hotel in Midtown Manhattan because the prices for rooms are high, maybe you can even stay in a place near the Newark NJ airport (they have shuttles into nyc), or pick a place in the Upper West Side, but if you pick SF, there are also hotels in San Mateo which is right beside the SF airport where hotels are not as highly priced. any which way, i think you'll have a great time...