Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's now official

We are going back home to Sweden. A few weeks ago my dear husband did apply for a job in Sweden and somehow in 2 weeks time he did a test over the Internet, flew there for an interview and a few days later got the job :). They want him to start 1st of April so it has been a bit hectic as he got the job only 2 weeks ago. I have invested all my free time to look for an apartment, find somebody who will take over our apartment here from 1st of April, start packing for the move, call phone companies, electric companies and every other company who needs to know that we wont be here anymore. There is sooo much to do and ooh so little time ;).

Tomorrow is my last day at work. I sure will miss my dear coworkers who have become some of my really best friends. I will miss almost never having unfriendly customers. I have a quite strong Swedish accent when I speak German and somehow they find it sweet so they forget to be angry ;).

I will of course also miss my Hamburg scrapping girls! Thanks to the Internet I have met you and learned soo much from you. I have enjoyed the workshops that has been held in Hamburg so don't you dare forget to tell me about future workshops :). You never know if I'll drop by. Ooh and you might also want to consider to come visit me as we have Scandinavians biggest stamp and scrap fair at the Swedish exhibition center. It's only a 15 minute ride with the trolley from my apartment so I am going there the 29th of March.

In honor of going back to Sweden I will post my all time favorite song from a Swedish band called Kent. I've seen them live a lot of times as they come from a city near my hometown.


Mirija said...

Ich bin die traurigste von allen :-( aber wenn alles klappt bin ich ja im Sommer in Göteborg :-)

scraptime-anja said...

Ich freu mich für Euch! Ist zwar schade, das dadurch ein Zusammentreffen noch viel unwahrscheinlicher wird, aber das Internet gibt es ja auch noch!

Ich wünsch Dir eine stressfreie Zeit und einen nicht allzuschweren Abschied von Deutschland!

socialbutterfly said...

i will miss you too!! but i never was in sweden. did i told you that i LOVE to travel??
btw; i can't meet you next weekend. and i so sorry about it!!
but i'm sure you'll update your blog!!
all my best, sweetie!! hugs!!