Sunday, May 18, 2008

Work in progress

I am working on a wedding gift so I can only show some bits and pieces from it. I wanted to use some Grungeboard on it so I chose a key and a key hole and 2 hinges. I tried out different techniques on it until I found the one that I liked the most.

First I tried copper colored embossing powder but I didn't like the result at all. Firstly you can't see the lovely swirls on the grungeboard anymore and second I got ugly bubbles all the time probably because I was blowing too hot air on it.

Then I came up with something else. I used my Glimmer mist from tattered Angels (copper color) and this acrylic metallic silver tube I bought at a store in Hamburg. I sprayed the mist on the grungeboard and then used my heat gun to blow away/dry the water so that only the glimmer stuff stayed on the grungeboard. Then I just dabbed a little of the silver color here and there where I didn't have so much of the glimmer. I wanted to have an old looking effect almost like silver that has a lot of rust. I am probably not the first to do this so if you have used glimmer mist this way and feel I should link to you just let me know.

Here is a photo of the 2 hinges. The right one is the one with embossing powder. The left one with the glimmer mist. I used the back side of the grungeboard for two reasons. 1 because I had done embossing on the front side and 2. because if you would do swirls on real metal it would probably look more like the backside of the grungeboard.

Here's how the key and key hole look like.


Sarale said...

Tolle Effekte, die Du erzielt hast...bin ja gespannt darauf, wie das endgültige Ergebnis aussehen wird. Hoffentlich zeigst Du das Geschenk nach der Hochzeit hier.

Nat said...

those turned out so awesome!!!!

Conibaer said...

Wow! Hast Du viele wunderschöne Dinge in letzter Zeit gemacht! Ich bin ganz begeistert!!!
Und Deine Grungeboard-Ergebnisse finde ich auch genial! Ich habe ja auch welches zuhause liegen und das muß ich jetzt auch mal ausprobieren! Danke für die Tipps!

Sarale said...

Hallo Eeva,

thx für Deinen Eintrag auf meinem Blog :-)
Das PP der Karten + Box ist von CreaMotion und ist schon etwas älter.