Sunday, August 26, 2007

Love boat

When I was younger we used to go a lot on cruises between Sweden and Finland. We mostly went on 24 hour cruises as the 36 hour cruises were a bit tooo much partying *LOL* You go on board at 6-7 in the evening and start partying and then you party the whole night through. If you are fit for fight you can go off the boat a few hours in Finland but you have to be back in time when the boat leaves back to Sweden. I have called this LO for Love boat as usually there are a lot of flirting going on one these cruises :)

This photo is taken 1998

Credit: Overlay from Rhonna Farrer Clear expressions.
PP Pink Martini


Nat said...

lol - what a fun memory!!! Love your layout!!!

christiane said...

hehehe!! great layout!!