Saturday, August 11, 2007

Photos from our vacation

Here are finally some photos documenting our vacation.
Our first vacation by car. Will the car make it all the way?

This photo shows how the weather has been almost all the time. We had maybe 4-5 sunny days.

Not necessarily a good photo but if you click on it and look closer you see it says Scandinavian Park. It's a border shop right before you cross the line from Germany to Denmark. Of course we had to go inside and buy some of my favorite swedish candy.

A romantic dinner in the car before we drive to the ferry taking us from Fredrikshavn to Göteborg.

On the ferry.

Photos from my hometown. Well there's not much else to show ;). It's so small you can't even call it a town.

At our summer house. Cutting the lawn, playing badminton and looking at cute frogs.

In Sundsvall visiting Tommies mother. We actually had a few sunny days there so we could go out with the boat.

I took a lot of photos of flowers just playing around a bit and trying to learn how to set up the camera for different kind of photos. Here is one of my favorite shots.

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Nat said...

Sorry about the weather :-( Mooooorree - I wanna see more photos :-)